Meet the Team

Meet the people who are responsible for driving change across the business and ensuring its continued success. We at Data Vitality provide our own in-house training and development to our newest members so that they too have the skills to enable our clients to transform their practice.  Our team is made up of a variety of unique, and wonderful personalities. Hover over their photos to learn more about our senior teams roles & responsibilities.


Chief Financial Officer

An invaluable member who is responsible for keeping track of the company’s cash flow and identifying our financial strengths and shortcomings, and recommending strategic orientations.


Chief Executive Officer

An integral member who oversees all business activities. Delegates and guides agendas, controlling the organisational structure and direction of the firm.


Chief Operations Officer

A vital contributor to the organisation, responsible for the implementation of policies that promote company culture and vision, whilst overseeing operations to keep the business on track.


Chief Marketing Officer

A crucial member of the team responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of our organisation’s marketing and advertising initiatives.

Our Story

Our Story

Data Vitality was conceived through the collective expertise and unwavering commitment of its four visionary founders, all distinguished pharmacists with extensive experience across hospital, community, and primary care domains. Their vast journey within the healthcare sector exposed them to the persistent challenges and deficiencies that often impeded the seamless delivery of patient care.

Within the healthcare landscape, they observed recurrent issues encompassing staff shortages, suboptimal processing, and administrative inefficiencies, necessitating a paradigm shift towards innovation and excellence. In response, Data Vitality emerged as a solution-driven entity, fueled by a profound aspiration to drive transformative change. These pharmacist-entrepreneurs astutely recognized the indispensable demand for a specialized, outsourced partner capable of addressing these gaps, optimizing operational workflows, and elevating the overall standard of patient care.

In the establishment of Data Vitality, they gave rise to an organization not only dedicated to ameliorating these pressing issues but also deeply committed to pioneering new industry benchmarks. Backed by their wealth of firsthand experience and a shared dedication to healthcare excellence, Data Vitality was conceived as a testament to their steadfast commitment to advancing healthcare services. Today, their visionary approach continues to shine as a beacon of optimism and innovation, poised to revolutionise the healthcare landscape, one patient record at a time.

Our Mission

At Data Vitality, our mission is to provide reliable and efficient locum services to GP practices, ensuring continuity of care for patients during any gaps in staff coverage. We strive to exceed the needs of our clients by offering custom-made packages and building trust-based relationships. We are committed to providing healthcare professionals with flexible working opportunities and being a valuable partner in the healthcare community.

Your Safety! Confidentiality! Data!

Data Protection Officer

Mr Esmaili

Information Governance Lead

Mr Houshian

Caldicott Guardian

Mr Safi

Senior Information Risk Owner

Mr Ireed

We care ! We are committed to protecting your privacy.

We are  registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a Data Controller/Processor.

Our registration number: ZB336880

ODS Organisation Type – Independent Sector Healthcare Provider

Organisation Code: Q5X8P

Up to date and completed Data protection impact assessments (DPIA) & Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

Higher Health Authority – QRV North West London Health & Care Partnership (STP)